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14th Apr 2010, 4:21 PM
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Author Notes:

14th Apr 2010, 4:21 PM
Yeah, the epilepsy strip you may or may not have seen was just a birthday strip, it wasn't anything to do with WFTB.
We now return you to your standard viewing.



14th Apr 2010, 5:09 PM
Press A, and hop on top of the bus.
15th Apr 2010, 7:18 AM
Butt Hunter
More like just to SPRITE you!!

Ha... ha... ha.

On a more related note, I second that we hop up and bus surf around!
15th Apr 2010, 12:42 PM
yea,surf on the bus and catch the clouds! :D
15th Apr 2010, 5:37 PM
i found this site again whoo
lets attack this bus driver A and B at the same time doo doo doo